Exceed expectations
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Discover the potential of IPS e.max

Esthetic and durable tooth replacements are what dentists, laboratory technicians and patients desire - and what IPS e.max has allowed them to achieve for more than a decade. 

The IPS e.max system comprises both zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate materials and thus provides an appropriate solution for every clinical case. 

An all-ceramic system that offers everything you could wish for.


Nature provides the highest level of esthetics, but IPS e.max comes very close to it.

Carola Wohlgenannt, Austria

IPS e.max has brought my work as a dental technician to the next level.

Oliver Brix, Germany

Currently, dental restorations must be esthetic, reliable and easy to fabricate. With the IPS e.max system I have the right partner to achieve this.

Dr Mirela Feraru, Israel

IPS e.max is more than just a material – it is a passion that allows me to create great restorations.

Dominique Vinci, Switzerland

My clients are always impressed with the host of possibilities offered by IPS e.max. It provides valuable solutions. 

Hilal Kuday, Turkey

The IPS e.max ceramic system is my artists pallet, and offers every option I need for creating beautiful smiles.

Lee Culp, USA

IPS e.max is simply great. Strong, reliable, beautiful... we exceed our patients’ expectations daily.

Dr Andrea Shepperson, New Zealand

IPS e.max gives me beautiful restorative options. I love the predictability!!

Matt Roberts, USA

I feel safe using IPS e.max. I know that IPS e.max materials deliver high reliability.

Shigeo Kataoka, Japan

Natural-looking esthetics for your customers

Inspired by nature: IPS e.max for maximum esthetics​
Do you strive to create dental restorations which are so similar to natural teeth that you can barely tell them apart?  IPS e.max materials allow you to achieve outstanding restorative results that put a smile on your patients‘ lips.
IPS e.max meets the highest standards of esthetics.​

Proven materials that give you peace of mind

On the safe side with IPS e.max.​
Durable tooth replacements are what dentists and dental technicians strive to achieve and patients would like to have. 
Since 2005, more than 120 million restorations have been placed with IPS e.max materials. (based on sales figures)
The IPS e.max Scientific Report Vol. 03 / 2001-2017 documents the the materials’ impressive survival rate of 96%, which was calculated based on long-term studies. See for yourself.

The efficient interplay of products is key

Enhancing the efficiency of dental procedures is an absolute must today.
IPS e.max allows efficient workflows to be managed with ease.
The optimum interplay of the components ensures a high level of efficiency. Just like in a team, it is important for the individual members to pull together to be successful. The different IPS e.max workflows have been designed to maximize quality and efficiency. Therefore, ideal results can be achieved with little effort. 
Use your resources in an optimal way.

Wide range of options

IPS e.max offers dentists and dental technicians greater freedom of choice.​
IPS e.max provides the ideal material for the case at hand – adjusted to your needs, the individual clinical situation, your preferences and your patient’s demands. The quality, esthetics and reliability of the IPS e.max materials will impress you! 
Whatever your needs, IPS e.max has the right solution. 

Exceed expectations with IPS e.max

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From the IPS e.max world

IPS e.max is more than just a material. IPS e.max combines esthetics and efficiency with reliability. It is the result of our passion to pursue the ideal solution.

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